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Full Proposal submissions for SURPASS are now OPEN for those who were selected to move beyond the White Paper stage! Please click the button below to apply. The full proposal submission period ends by 5:00 p.m. on February 26, 2024.

SURPASS will provide cross-divisional teams funding to support projects that have the potential to lead to upwards of $100 million in external funding. Priority will be given to projects that offer impactful translational research and propose a viable path toward translation. The initial award period will be 18 months with possible extension to a multi-year performance period. Successful projects will be eligible for additional investment by SURPASS and other JHU programs following the primary period of performance. These select projects will be eligible for follow-on funding. The goal of this investment is not only to develop revolutionary new technology, but also to build interdivisional teams, facilitate collaboration, and increase joint staff/faculty appointments. SURPASS is breaking the mold for the way university divisions work together.

For the SURPASS Full Proposal Guidelines, please CLICK HERE.

For the SURPASS Quad Chart Template, please CLICK HERE

For the SURPASS Full Proposal Review Criterion, please CLICK HERE.

To submit a full proposal, please use the Apply Now button below. 

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