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What level of security is permitted for this type of work?

Controlled unclassified information (CUI) work may be considered.

Is there a citizenship requirement?

U.S. citizenship, while not required, may be necessary for certain proposals and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

How many projects will be funded?

SURPASS is a multi-year pilot program. In the first year, 0-5 projects will be funded.

How large are SURPASS awards?

Tell us what you think you’ll need to make an impact! Total funding available per year will not exceed $2.5 million across all funded projects.

What is the duration of the awards?

The initial award period will be 12-18 months, with possible extension to a multi-year performance period with recurring review.

Is follow-on funding available?

Successful projects will be eligible for additional investment by SURPASS and other JHU programs following the primary period of performance. These select projects will be eligible for up to two more years of follow-on funding. Directly funded external investment and sponsorship is the optimal transition for these awards.

What other assistance will be available to get to that $100M program?

SURPASS is committed to the success of awardees. From the start, PIs will be partnered with business and technical development steering teams to assist with project honing. Following SURPASS project completion, additional assistance will be provided by WSE and APL program offices to help reach sponsors and realize transition goals.

What is the scope of funded projects?

SURPASS will invest in impactful translational research. Applicants must propose a viable path toward translation.

Who do I contact for more questions?

Email [email protected]

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